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The following is an indicative (but not exhaustive) list of themes on interest:

I. Education

Educational systems are long term evolving systems. Any reform needs time to become active.
– What are representations and competencies of teaching staff, future teaching staff regarding new therapeutics, contemporary medical knowledge or health models?
– Can new teaching processes and their evaluation provide solutions to health literacy?
– What about news “health-knowledge” mediations? What is their impact on health literacy?

II. Policies

Policymakers often launch health promotion campaigns on various topics. A lot of Non-Governmental Organizations are involved in health education as well.
– Are they acting contradictory? Are they collaborating?
– Do NGO develop an alternative way of thinking about health issues? How can we understand their positions?
– How can we analyze resistances to the directive and normative discourses of all these social actors?
– Can new policies meet the emerging health challenges?

III. Medias and on-line communications

On-line communities and Social media as well as popular TV series, movies and on-line newspapers participate undoubtedly to the spreading of information and somehow are an essential cog in health education and knowledge mediation processes.
– Would they be right or wrong, fake or transformed? Do they describe adequately the social health challenges? How do they need to evolve in the roles and practices?
– How can we analyze and discuss social circulation of this knowledge, from the producers to the receivers and users and backwards?
– What could be the evolution of social actors’ representations and to what extend behaviors can be impacted by these “new media”?