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Models of health, between Education and Communication
[For cancer, chronicle diseases and more]
IOSTE regional conference

The conference focuses on Models in Health. By now, a common agreement is shared: social model of health is the model everyone has to refer too, especially when dealing with health promotion, particularly around cancer or chronicle diseases risks, or wider other pathologies. But are we really sure to share the same content when we say “health communication”? Many scholars assume that a lot of social actors are intervening into this “social act”: primary school and biology teachers, journalists, bloggers and community managers, medical staff, patients, patients’ patient and their relatives, scientists, researchers – not to mention social sciences researchers! – through medias and means of communication: TV programs, TV series, digital media, social networks, NGO’s, pharmaceutical companies advertisings…

To make clearer the future models of health, beyond “health promotion” standards, we follow the hypothesis that, in a world where openness and sharing are becoming central, controversial societal issues could be a fruitful means.

This conference would like to contribute to improve our knowledge about this ecosystem by crossing approaches coming from the fields of education and communication as these both fields are participating of the public sphere and knowledge mediation processes.

It will cover a wide range of topics such as alternative medicine, vaccinations, antibiotic resistance. Obviously, cancer and chronicle diseases are a very interesting field of investigations, but all pathologies can be used to develop health education and communication issues.